Go Green!

Go Green!
These days, sometimes I forget that I\’m studying IT! Fortunately, there are heaps of books about photography in my University\’s library and there is enough time to read book everyday on the train while I\’m travelling between home and the University. Today, after the morning class and before the evening classes, I headed out and took some shots with x100. Surprisingly, I met a photographer with a Leica M9! We had a nice chat and I offered him to test the x100. He gave me his M9 in return, but honestly I scared to take a shot with it! Because of its price I prefer to put my effort into holding it carefully! What you see has been taken just after that conversation next to National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. BTW, Viva green!

3 thoughts on “Go Green!”

  1. اوووف… منم آرزومه از نزدیک همچین دوربینی رو ببینم و یه چندتایی عکس باهاش بگیرم. عکست هم خیلی خوب شده

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