What I think

No matter what language you speak, photography is beyond of all common languages. A Photographer can make people think, laugh or cry without any words! That’s the power of photography! That’s why I do photography. I want to be a connection between reality and people and show them what I see. I want to show them what they’re able to see, but they don’t see!
Camera gives me the ability to pause time and save a moment, within all of the moments of everyday life. My camera is my voice recorder, it’s my camcorder, and yes, it’s my painting brush.

Where I am

I’m Iranian currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
If you would like to contact me just drop me an email. I’m used to gmail since it’s much more better than Yahoo!




Apple Store

My Official iOS devices app is now available in the app store


And this is my facebook fan page. Of course, it’s not an actual “fan page”! Because I prefer having friends instead of having fans! This page is just a place to keep people updated on my work and generally photography.


Honorable Mention 1x Photo Awards 2011 – Category Winner – People’s Choice in Documentary Category

The winner of Pure Genius 2012 Competition


Inside a taxi in Mumbai selected in Photo Friday Weekly Challenge: “Ride”

Along Life’s Road selected in Photo Friday Weekly Challenge: “Minimalist”

Desperate and Modern Life selected in Photo Friday Weekly Challenge: “Gloomy”

Her Relaxing Hands selected in Coolphotoblogs Weekly Challenge: “Pink”

Bokeh selected in Coolphotoblogs Weekly Challenge: “‌Bokeh”

Lines selected in Coolphotoblogs Weekly Challenge: “‌Wave”

Poverty and Dirt published on 1x.com

Prediction published on 1x.com

Bazaar of Isfahan published on 1x.com

Australian Motor Show 2011 published on BBC Persian

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