One thought on “Khaled Nabi Tomb”

  1. Dear Ehsan Abbasi,
    My name is Endla Toots and I am a designer at Koolibri Publishers, Estonia. (
    I am writing to ask you if you kindly could give permission to use the a Khaled Nabi cemetery photograph in our book “The Green”. It will be credited by Eshan Abbasi.
    Author of “The Green” is Tiit Kuningas. He has collected into the book facts about colour green throughout history, nature, sports, use and several other fields. The book will be published by the Koolibri Publishers in April, 2015. The photo will be used once on page 124. The image will not be used for any promotion of the book or publishing company. The book has 328 pages and up to 700 images. It will be published only in Estonian and will be a paperbook, only (no ebook).
    Endla Toots

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