6 thoughts on “Connection”

  1. @ Richard Geven:
    Hi Richard, Thanks for your comments.
    In this photo, background is a kind of mosque's minaret and foreground as you see includes three wires. I can't remember exactly what was the use of these wires. However, I really like this shot. I guess it's somehow different from my other shots.

  2. جناب موسوي.
    واقعا باعث افتخاره که شما فتوبلاگ من رو دنبال مي‌کنيد.
    بسيار ممنونم.
    در مورد نمايشگاه هم با شما از طريق ايميل صحبت خواهم کرد.
    فعلا که دسترسي به جي‌ميل مقدور نيست متاسفانه.

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