5 thoughts on “Pathways”

  1. if i wear u,put a different name for this pic, it reminds me of "ghiamat" and the row of people ,consider the below part of pic,see the signs of sands…i see thousands of people there…
    good luck nice pics

  2. @ …
    Thank you for your suggestion. everyone can describe each photo based on his/her viewpoint. in this photoblog I try to choose simplest title for my photos because of search engines.

  3. بسیار عالی…حرف نداره..نمره 21 از 20 میدم…قشنگیش به چینهایی هست که خاک خورده..رنگش هم عالیه..اقا احسان این عکس رو با چه لنزی گرفتی؟؟؟

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